About Aura

Side One: Aura the Artist

Aura Walmer is a painter and illustrator who mainly utilizes acrylic paint, watercolors, and ink to create her pieces. Her work is greatly inspired the anatomy of the human body, the efflorescence of nature, and the dynamism of the ocean. She takes a surrealistic approach to her paintings, often applying a vibrant color scheme, with the aim of catalyzing a fresh perspective for viewers. Her artistic style ranges wildly from portraiture to abstract, but she is always seeking to experiment with her work and push creative boundaries. She is currently based in a working studio in San Diego, California.

I love experimenting with wild, vibrant color combinations in a surreal and semi-abstract context. I play with the idea of a snapshot or moment, encompassed by a pop of color and infiltrated with metallic accents. Metallic colors appeal to me because I am fascinated with the way that light influences our perception, and adore the dynamism that gold or silver paint brings to a piece of art. These unreal hues respond to light with such animated enthusiasm, glistening excitedly as you observe them from different parts of a room.

Side Two: Aura the Musician

Aura also dabbles as a musician.ย โ˜Ÿ

You can hear some of her dabbling on YouTube and SoundCloud.