Building a Website
Web Dev with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and GitHub Pages
As part of my continued collaboration with the Georgia Tech Sonification Lab, I created a resource website for the Highcharts Sonification Studio (a sonification web app co-created by Georgia Tech and Highcharts).

The intention for this website is to provide HSS users a useful space for accessing tutorial videos and resources related to data sonification.

This project helped me cultivate additional web development skills, helping me to better understand HTML page structure, web theme implementation, and UI design. It was my first time using GitHub Pages to build a website, despite being a long-time avid user of GitHub for code repositories and version control.
Find the website here! 👇

Click to check it out!

GitHub Pages is an open source method of building and publishing a website from scratch, hosted from any GitHub repository and launched through GitHub. 
Website Contents:

Landing page with a tagline, buttons for tutorials and launching the HSS app, as well as some featured tutorials.

Archive of all current tutorial videos available on the HSS Tutorials YouTube Channel, categorized by topic.

List of resources, some related to Highcharts and Georgia Tech, some for external sonification communities such as ICAD, and repositories for developers.

FAQ page with an email address listed for direct inquiries, and a set of basic questions and answers about sonification and the Highcharts Sonification Studio.

Simple page with an email address for inquires about sharing a project or contributing to the HSS community.
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