Michelin Star Analysis:
How the Michelin Guide Drives Underrepresentation in Fine Dining
Michelin stars are geographically clustered, and only a few cuisines retain the spotlight.
My curiosity about the industry of Michelin Restaurants was sparked after listening to an episode about Michelin Stars from one of my favorite podcasts, The Economics of Everyday Things. I thought it would be interesting to create a geographic visualization of restaurants by rating and cuisine. 

This project led me to research the impact of The Michelin Guide on the culture of fine dining, and in the process I began to discover the challenge of exclusivity and underrepresentation in this realm.

I used R to scrape the data from the Michelin website, and I created the infographic below using Adobe Illustrator. The donut charts and geographic map were initially built in Flourish. I put my journalism skills to practice by writing an accompanying article

This project helped me practice data-driven research, data visualization, writing, and information design. 
Resources listed in the article I created for this project. 
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