Microdrop Analysis Application
(R Shiny Web App for Eli Lilly)
While working as a data scientist as Eli Lilly, I had the opportunity to develop an R Shiny application for the purpose of Microdrop analysis. The Microdrop assay is an experimental method that helps to reveal certain characteristics about antibodies, such as solution solubility.

The app facilitates Microdrop analysis by automating the process of result capture, as well as providing visualizations for the user. Features of the app include parsed and pivoted data, a heat table, curve fit plots sample and buffer, as well as individual buffer-sample combination plots, downloadable Excel and PDF reports, and methodology documentation.
R Shiny is an R package that allows developers to build and deploy interactive web applications. The application that I developed was approved for open sourcing, so that it can be accessed by the public. Below are links to the code repository and a public version of the application.
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